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An Overview of Electronic Compass Modules Offered by Jewell Instruments

Electronic compasses have been used for many years to assist in determining direction, location, and course navigation. Up until recently, the most common applications were in moving vehicles; planes, cars, and even robotics. Today, you will find them in antenna positioning systems, underwater vehicles and many other applications where GPS cannot be used. In addition…

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Jewell’s New Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce the RoHS-compliant LSLR Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer. This single-axis accelerometer combines the high accuracy and ruggedness of force-balanced technology with the capacity to record very low inertial outputs. The fluid damped mechanism delivers superior noise rejection in high-shock environments. LSLR sensors achieve excellent output stability in ±5V, 0-5V, or 4-20mA…

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The MEMS Inclinometer You’ve Been Waiting For

In 2017, Jewell Instruments changed the game when we unveiled the single or dual-axis JDI-100/200 MEMS inclinometer. This low-cost MEMS sensor is the first to feature full temperature compensation across operating temperatures from -30° to +60°C with 0.004° relative accuracy, ±1° to ±60° measuring ranges, and 0.0001° digital resolution. It is also RoHS compliant to…

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Jewell Instruments COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Plan

Jewell Instruments Risk Mitigation Plan – COVID-19 In light of recent concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the effect it is having on our global economy, Jewell Instruments and our affiliated companies, Triplett Test Equipment and DGH Corp., want to reassure our business partners that we have taken risk mitigating actions to minimize both health risks, and…

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Jewell Instruments Acquires DGH Corporation

Jewell Instruments, LLC (Manchester, NH) is pleased to announce that it has acquired DGH Corporation (Hooksett, NH). Relocation to Jewell’s headquarters in Manchester will occur over the next 90 days and management expects that the DGH operation will be fully integrated by the second quarter of 2020. DGH is an industry-leading manufacturer of data acquisition hardware…

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