Sensor Wiring & Connection Problems: SOLVED!

Many problems encountered when using sensors such as Jewell’s products are often a result of the way the sensors are connected. The wiring and connections of each product and model will vary, so it is very important to review the documentation for the specific model being used. It’s also important to make the distinction between…

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How to Identify Sensor Accuracy & Resolution

For monitoring bridge sag and sway or controlling a passenger train, nothing is more important than precision. A microradian or micro g can make the difference between a normal day in the office and a nightmare. Resolution and accuracy are two important specifications for engineers, but what exactly is the difference between the two? Why…

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Acceleration’s Effect on a Tilt Sensor & What to do About it

High precision inclinometers are vital to providing feedback on the tilt of a plethora of applications. However, what happens when it is placed in an environment that includes linear motion? Many applications will put some acceleration on an inclinometer such as rail maintenance of way, pavement profiling, and robotics. When this happens, you need to…

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