Metals Processing

In continuous steel slab casting, controlling the exact taper of the mold narrow face is essential for optimizing steel surface quality, limiting process shrinkage, and minimizing surface cracking.  Precise control results in increased process productivity and high metal quality in combination with lowered operating costs. Jewell Instruments is the world’s leading source for inclinometers rugged enough for making mold narrow face taper measurements in the primary metals industry.  Our LSOX, LSOC and LSRP Series inclinometers are used in this demanding application requiring sensors capable of enduring extreme heat and vibration while providing accurate measurements.

Borehole Tilt Sensing

Strong-motion sensing inclinometers measure the large amplitude seismic waves that can cause structural damage during an earthquake.  The resultant measurement data, which is often mathematically integrated to calculate velocity and position, is studied to better understand earth dynamic behavior and to help design quake resistant buildings. The LCF-196 biaxial inclinometer with its µg sensitivity, unsurpassed repeatability and 23 mm external diameter is the worldwide sensor of choice when the highest accuracy geophysical data is required.

Structural Monitoring

The design of the LCF-2330 was optimized to provide the high accuracy and superior repeatability of Jewell Instruments rugged, fluid damped, flexure suspension, servo technology in a small and convenient package for applications requiring a compact dual axis solution. The Jewell DXI-100/200 Series digital inclinometer take’s Je

well’s highly accurate analog closed loop sensor technology to the next level! This digital sensor is ideal for high shock and vibration environments.  The DXI-100/200 is a high precision and performance sensor ideal for applications such as mobile radar control, platform leveling, and structural monitoring.

Mobile Antenna Measurements

Leveling of machine tools and mobile antennas use inclinometers with very high resolution and repeatability involves knowing the exact angular position of a horizontal plane in two directions with respect to the gravity vector, the most stable of all external references. Jewell LCF-2330 series have commonly been used for this type of application. It offers exceptional performance with up to 1μrad resolution while damping the noise from vibration and shock in the system.  

Direction & Navigation

Up until recently, the most common applications were in moving vehicles such as planes, cars, and even robotics. Today, you will find them in antenna positioning systems, underwater vehicles and many other applications where GPS cannot be used. In addition to direction, some electronic compasses can measure attitude, acceleration, rotation and magnetic field strength. Our electronic compass modules are used in the following applications: Unmanned vehicles, robotics equipment, weather buoys, antenna positioning systems, marine navigation, platform stabilization, irrigation equipment and excavation machinery.


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