Solar & Wind

Adjustable solar panel tilt measurements

To harness the sun’s energy at all hours of the day, a solar tracking panel must be able to constantly make subtle movements so that the sun’s rays fall perpendicular to the panel. A precision inclinometer is necessary within the design of these panels in order to ensure they operate at their best. A Jewell low-cost inclinometer can be embedded into the base of the panel and provide feedback on its positioning. As the sun moves across the sky, the inclinometer can be used to automate the position of the panel to capture all the solar power it can.

Wind Farm and Turbine Foundation Monitoring

Jewell accelerometers and inclinometers have been used to measure the rotation of wind turbine foundations, dynamic measurement of blade, wind tunnel balance calibration rig, monitoring subsea anchorages, structural analysis of the tower bending due to wind power force to give a better picture of the turbine dynamics and long-term measurement as part of a structural health monitoring system of offshore wind turbines.

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