An Overview of Electronic Compass Modules Offered by Jewell Instruments

An Overview Of Electronic Compass Modules Offered By Jewell Instruments

Electronic compasses have been used for many years to assist in determining direction, location, and course navigation. Up until recently, the most common applications were in moving vehicles; planes, cars, and even robotics. Today, you will find them in antenna positioning systems, underwater vehicles and many other applications where GPS cannot be used. In addition to direction, some electronic compasses can measure attitude, acceleration, rotation, temperature and magnetic field strength. As the uses have evolved, manufacturers have added sensors, like MEMS gyros and accelerometers, to increase the level of awareness that the compasses can provide. Do you want to know how these devices work? If yes, let us know and we would be happy to familiarize you with some of the science behind these remarkable instruments.


Electronic compass modules are used in the following applications:

  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Robotics equipment
  • Weather buoys
  • Antenna positioning systems
  • Marine navigation
  • Platform stabilization
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Excavation machinery

If you have an application that might require an electronic compass, we can help you. We offer the eCompass series with various sensor options.


  • ECS Series Standard eCompass has a 3-axis magnetometer and a 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor. The ECS Series is recommended for stationary or stable applications and features RS-232 and RS-485 outputs.
  • ECL Series Low Power eCompass also features a 3-axis magnetometer and 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor. Low power consumption and RS232 and TTL outputs are notable benefits of this module. It is recommended for battery-powered applications or where low power use is critical.
  • ECG Series eCompass with Gyro assures excellent dynamic performance and high static accuracy. It is equipped with a 3-axis magnetometer, 2-axis gyros, and 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor. The ECG is offered with the option of both RS232 or RS485 outputs and it is recommended for applications where vibration or sudden movement is present.
  • ECV Series eCompass is fully loaded with a 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor. Its recommended applications are where stable azimuth, pitch, and roll measurements in dynamic conditions are desired.


Our engineering team can modify or customize our compasses to best fit your needs. We can configure a new part number from existing models. We can provide customized enclosures for harsh environments. For more information, please get in touch with our team today.

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