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Jewell Instruments is committed to the success of our armed forces. We are aware of the impact that our products can have on the success or failure of any military action. This is why we are dedicated to providing only high-precision, quality products to help ensure a positive outcome. Our sensors can be found in several military vehicles including the Black Hawk and Apache helicopters, the Hawker Beechcraft T-6 military trainer, and the AV-8 Harrier II. We are proud to support our country’s military actions.

Acceleration Solutions

Missile Guidance
Smart weapons rely on integrated missile guidance systems to deliver strikes accurately and evade enemy detection systems. Accelerometers are an essential component of these systems. The accelerometer collects the input data utilized by the guidance control computer for course correction and flight stability so that the missile will reach its intended target.

Weapons Control & Targeting
An angular accelerometer has the sensitivity to communicate between the aircraft and its weapons.

Aircraft Flight Testing
Flight testing is performed to evaluate the flight characteristics of an aircraft and to validate its design. Once the flight test data requirements are established, the aircraft is instrumented to record data for analysis. The testing can range from measuring the performance of a minor existing system modification to complete development and certification testing of a new aircraft. Since flight testing can be particularly dangerous work with the objective of acquiring the most accurate possible engineering test data, highly accurate and reliable instrumentation is required.


Tilt Solutions

Portable Antenna Orientation
Where no airport landing systems exist, autonomous portable ground-based precision approach radar systems play a key function in providing air traffic services for the rapid deployment of troops and equipment. Portable approach systems require a highly stable vertical reference to precisely calculate aircraft position while guiding the aircraft to a safe landing.

Battle Tank Fire Control
Battle tanks in warfare may not get a “second chance” if initial enemy target engagements are not successful. Control system ballistic firing solutions yielding the highest accuracy require inputs from the most accurate and robust sensors available.

Roller Path Calibration
Roller paths for guns and gun directors are very accurately parallel to one another when a ship is constructed. Over time, structural changes to a vessel caused by rough seas, temperature changes, and varied loading cause roller path orientation to degrade and reduce gun system accuracy.