Jewell Instruments offers a wide variety of electronic compass sensors in several configurations. We design them in small and thin sizes so that you can fit them on compact devices or in small spaces. Our highly reliable and accurate eCompass products offer heading accuracy of around ±0.5° rms in static conditions and consume less power. They represent the state-of-the-art in magnetic compassing. The advanced capabilities of our eCompass series are supported by updated eCompass PC software that simplifies engineering verification and integration tasks. Shop from our eCompass varieties today.

Tilt Compensated eCompass Selector Guide

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ECC eCompass Series Electronic Compass Modules

ECC eCompass Series


The ECC-2D Series is a low-cost 2D digital compass in a small package with low power consumption and high reliability designed for commercial and industrial users.

ECG eCompass Series Electronic Compass Module

ECG eCompass Series


If your compass application involves vibration, acceleration, uneven terrain, or rough seas, the ECG Series, a gyro-stabilized electronic compass, is an uncompromising solution that will outperform rival units that cost more. The ECG provides remarkably accurate heading, pitch, and roll in dynamic conditions. It all starts with a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer. Two angular rate gyros independently stabilize pitch and roll. They augment a dual-axis, electrolytic tilt sensor that provides precise tilt measurements in static environments. Two sets of independent filters, one set for pitch and one for roll, combine gyro and electrolytic sensor measurements to provide the best available tilt measurements.

ECL eCompass Series Electronic Compass Module

ECL eCompass Series


The ECL low-power digital compass is designed specifically for commercial, industrial, and military users. The ECL series will be of particular interest to ROV and AUV manufacturers who are concerned with power usage and accurate heading in all types of challenging conditions.  In standby mode, it draws a mere 50 microamps and requires only 15 mA in run mode. It provides accurate heading data in less than a tenth of a second from wake up. An extended range tilt sensor is available that allows for ±60° of pitch and roll.

ECS digital compass sensor

ECS eCompass Series


The ECS digital compass represents the state-of-the-art in magnetic compassing. It combines a precision 3-axis solid-state magnetometer and a rugged 2-axis electrolytic tilt sensor to provide accurate heading and tilt measurements over a wide range of environmental conditions. The firmware and signal processing algorithms have been refined and improved over three prior generations of compasses to deliver the ultimate in performance from the available sensor data.

ECV eCompass Series 3D electronic compass sensor

ECV eCompass Series


The ECV eCompass Series is a 3D electronic compass providing stable azimuth, pitch, and roll measurements in dynamic conditions. As an enhanced version of our ECG Series, the ECV includes a full suite of precision, 3-axis, MEMS sensors, and an optional dual-axis electrolytic tilt sensor, for the ultimate in near-level accuracy. A high-performance microcontroller orchestrates the fast measurement sequence, sensor calibration adjustments, frame-of-reference translations, trigonometric calculations, and advanced signal processing required to provide accurate heading, pitch, and roll outputs.

Features of Electronic Compass Sensors Offered by Jewell Instruments

These digital compass sensors are orientation components which show direction to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aircraft, and marine ships. We offer superior quality eCompass sensors which have several different features depending on the model. Here are some of the beneficial features of our ecompass devices.

  • They have an exceptionally dynamic performance and are capable of in-system configuration and testing.
  • Some models offer plastic enclosure with an 8 pin, single-row, 0.1″ friction header, 6-pin RJ12 modular jack. For aluminum enclosures, many models come with a circular, 6-pin female connector.
  • Our compasses can be used in navigation systems, GPS and satellite systems, and antenna positioning systems across ships, submarines, aircraft, UAVs, drones, and so on.
  • We offer various sensor models which comprise the right combination of tilt sensors, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and accelerometers with RS-232, RS-485, or TTL output types.
  • We offer electronic compass modules with 3-axes magneto resistive sensors which offers them a wide range, precision, and resolution.
  • Most of the models are supported by the eCompass PC software which makes upgrades and integration easy. The software is useful for several aspects such as changing compass settings, capturing measurement data, storing communication logs, and performing magnetic calibration.

Pointers to Select the Right eCompass Sensor for Your Application

When choosing an eCompass sensor, one must consider the application requirements. This is in terms of the accuracy required, size, motion, and so on. Here are some factors you can consider when selecting an electronic compass for your application.

  • Accuracy is an important aspect. However, the level of accuracy required in each application would vary. When it comes to the accuracy of the compass, a high frequency time-varying magnetic field, tilt measurement, and magnetic angle are important aspects.
  • It is also important to consider static magnetism, whether induced or permanent as this may impact the accuracy of the compass readings.
  • Check the operating temperature range along with the humidity aspect, and ensure it matches with your application environment. Also check for other environmental and weather related parameters, shock, vibration, and so on.
  • While the above system does not have any moving parts, there are different requirements for moving objects such as UAVs, aircraft, undersea vehicles, and drones. Here, you need a good navigation system where eCompasses are fitted. Check for the tilt sensor axes, gyroscope, number of axes of the magnetometer, and so on to get the right orientation data.

Jewell Instruments has a market presence for the last eight decades and the experience of working with clients from diverse sectors. We, over the years, have developed expertise in manufacturing high-precision geo instruments and digital compass sensors, and quality and accuracy are aspects we can assure of. Our eCompass devices have precise calibrations and are cost effective as well. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and hence offer a high level of customization to our clients. We are capable of understanding and catering to the most complex requirements of our clients. If you want to share your requirements or have any questions about our ecompass devices, do get in touch with our team via phone or email.

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