Data Acquisition Hardware

Established in 1985, DGH is an industry-leading manufacturer of data acquisition hardware for use in the process monitoring and control marketplace. Our products have been used worldwide in such industries as water & wastewater management, pharmaceutical, scientific laboratories, military, automotive, transportation, energy management, and power utilities.

As part of Jewell Instruments, LLC, Data Acquisition Hardware Corporation continues to innovate with a full range of Analog Input Modules, Analog Output Modules, Digital Input/Output modules, and Application Software Programs

Our data acquisition products communicate via serial, USB and Ethernet connections. Supported protocols include DGH ASCII serial protocol, Modbus RTU serial protocol, and Modbus TCP ethernet protocol.

DGH analog and digital I/O products are compatible with many commercial data acquisition software programs. Our products communicate using either an ASCII protocol or the industry standard Modbus protocol. Using Modbus provides instant connectivity into almost all commercial software programs. From easy-to-use programs like Winwedge that log data into an Excel spreadsheet to more complex programs using OPC servers such as KepServerEX in advanced process and control applications. Each program offers different features and functionality. We have composed a list of several programs and a description of each. 

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