Jewell’s New Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer

Jewell’s New Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer

Jewell Instruments is proud to introduce the RoHS-compliant LSLR Ultra-Low Range Accelerometer. This single-axis accelerometer combines the high accuracy and ruggedness of force-balanced technology with the capacity to record very low inertial outputs.

The fluid damped mechanism delivers superior noise rejection in high-shock environments. LSLR sensors achieve excellent output stability in ±5V, 0-5V, or 4-20mA outputs and are available with a 6-pin connector, pin-terminals, or flying leads. When compared to similar products on the market today, the main advantages of Jewell’s new sensor are lower output noise, better linear specifications, wider storage temperature range, and a 1µradian resolution.

With its precise readings, the LSLR is the perfect solution for many applications. It can serve high precision geophysical and geotechnical operations – including seismic monitoring and civil engineering. It is also ideal for flight testing applications, ultra-low acceleration analysis, robotics, and more.

“This is a nice first ultra-low range product offering that meets Jewell’s precision standards and brings customers a solution for their low inertial and seismic applications,” says Brian Ward, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

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