The system requirements for the mining markets combine high reliability and high precision under extreme operating conditions. Jewell offers solutions for a wide array of high performance and cost-effective sensing solutions based on Force balance, MEMS, and Electrolytic technologies.



Ground Subsidence

Subsidence is the sinking or settling of the ground surface. It can occur by a number of processes. Ground subsidence may result from the settlement of native low-density soils, or the caving in of natural or man-made underground voids due to mining. Subsidence may occur gradually over many years as sags or depressions form on the ground surface. Jewell sensors are used to measure and track ground motions due to subsidence.

Retaining Wall

Jewell sensors are used to monitor retaining wall movements that might occur during mining operations.

Drilling Machine Tilt Monitoring

Large mining equipment is monitored continuously for center of gravity point and bucket attitude. Jewell tilt sensors are critical for these measurements

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