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Jewell Instruments makes it easy. We offer the best overall value in the industry. For many aerospace and industrial applications, our precision sensors are the perfect solution and our applications engineers will not be satisfied until your requirements are met.


Acceleration Solutions


Flight Control & Guidance
To meet demanding contemporary aircraft performance requirements, Flight Control and Guidance Systems compute and display aircraft position and orientation while executing many routine adjustments to attitude and direction in the course of a flight.

Fatigue Monitoring
Repeated stresses applied to a structure produce failures that would not be caused by a single load application. Structural fatigue is often the factor that determines the life of an aircraft, and aircraft of a given type can fly totally different profiles to perform the same mission. As a result, there is a need to determine the magnitude and number of airframe acceleration exposures for each aircraft.

Image Stabilization
Active image stabilization for vision and target acquisition systems requires precisely accurate inertial sensors to minimize the errors caused by sensor noise, bias, or phase delay. Jitter reduction is accomplished by measuring the vision or target acquisition system motion, and applying a physical position or pilot/operator display correction using sophisticated signal processing techniques.


Tilt Solutions

Stability Augmentation
Aircraft flight performance dynamics can be inherently minimally damped or unstable as the result of numerous factors including aircraft configuration, flight speed, altitude, and intentional design characteristics chosen to achieve rapid changes in aircraft attitude and direction. Stability augmentation systems using inclinometer inputs modify the aircraft’s inherent performance by automatically adjusting the flight control surfaces, thereby safely reducing pilot workload.

Aircraft Manufacturing Equipment
To ensure that every aircraft is constructed just right, a manufacturer needs reliable equipment. An inclinometer can be implemented into manufacturing equipment to provide precise control and automation.

Image Stabilization
In-flight simulation, inclinometers are built into the system to find exact tilt measurements that are needed to provide an accurate, simulated experience for pilots.