Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters

Jewell Instruments offers a popular range of LED and LCD digital panel meters in Modutec and Jewell DPM Series. Our digital panel meters are designed for laboratory and various industrial automation applications. They are available in a wide range of DC or AC current and voltage ranges and are suitable for a wide range of measuring applications. Our panel meters have set a standard for measurements in applications where precision is essential. Some models displayed here can be easily connected to computers for data transfer and analysis in industrial applications. Shop at Jewell Instruments today to choose the most apt digital panel meters for measurement applications!

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Features of Digital Panel Meters Offered by Jewell Instruments

Today, Jewell Instruments is counted as an industry leader in panel meters and we believe the following features of our products make them popular.

  • Our Jewell DPM series digital panel meters make a cost-effective choice for most switchboard applications.
  • These series are adaptable to a wide range of process measuring applications.
  • They are designed for applications where onsite adjustment of display range becomes important. This can be materialized using touch-sense keys.
  • Our Modutec Series digital panel meters are compact-sized and can easily fit into most applications where panel spaces may be limited.
  • These series feature clear displays that can be easily read from long distances.
  • They are designed to assure quick and easy installation in industrial applications. The unique concept of current termination makes it possible.

How to Choose Digital Panel Meters for Your Industrial Applications

As known, these panel meters are usually mounted on control panels for quick access and easy readability. These devices are designed to read various input AC parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, power, energy, and power factor, as well as DC parameters such as current and voltage. They are also used for various process measurement applications. The input measured by the sensor is converted and displayed digitally as a system variable. Owing to their popularity, these devices are available in various designs. This makes the selection quite challenging. These tips offered by our experts may ease your selection.

  • Technology: Our selection features LCD and LED displays.
    • The LED displays are made of diodes and are designed for dark or low light areas. They can be easily seen from short distances. Our LED displays can be used across a wide range of temperatures.
    • The LCD displays feature a green or gray screen, which displays black/dark colored digits. These displays are known for their low power consumption.
  • Accuracy of Reading: This is decided by the number of digits on the display output. Our collection features models with 4 ½ digit ultra-bright displays. When there is an overload, the last four digits are not displayed.
  • Sizes: As said before, the digital panel meters can be availed in a variety of sizes and configurations. The choice of the size will depend on the panel on which it is to be mounted. You need to check the face sizes listed in inches or specified by length and width.
  • Types of Input: The displays are designed to accept a wide range of input types including the following:
    • DC Voltage: The input will be received in the measurable form of VDC or volts DC.
    • AC Voltage: The input will be received in the measurable form of VAC or volts AC.
    • AC Current: The input will be received in the measurable form of A (amps) or milliamps (mA).
    • DC Current: The input will be received in the measurable form of A (amps) or milliamps (mA).
    • AC/DC Power: The input will be received in the measurable form of AC voltage, current, and frequency.
  • Features: The following are some common features that you need to look for when choosing the digital panel meters.
    • Adjustment of Displays: Our Jewell DPM series of digital panel meters allow onsite adjustment of displays. This feature is helpful in industrial applications where precise adjustment becomes necessary.
    • Adaptability: Jewell DPM series of digital meters are highly adaptable to a wide range of measurements. There are a few devices that meet this criterion.
    • Range Indication: Some models offer over-range indication and auto-zero depending on the input signal. This will allow users to take necessary precautions to protect their devices.

Application of Our Digital Panel Meters

Our panel meters are used for measuring AC and DC current and voltages as well as for process measurements at:

  • Water Purification Facilities
  • Telecommunications Applications
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Desalination Plants

At Jewell Instruments, we possess design experience, engineering expertise, and technical knowledge that has helped us lead the segment for over 80 years. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their requirements. These interactions have helped us perfect our designs as per the industry requirements. We assure a high level of customizability on all digital panel meters displayed here. Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. Our team will guide you through the right solution.

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