About (DGH)

DGH Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of data acquisition hardware with over 36 years of experience in the process monitoring and control marketplace.  Since 1985, DGH products have been used in industries and applications around the world.  Our products are Made in the USA, easy to use, reliable and have been implemented in a wide range of applications.  Contact a member of our sales team today and see if DGH can provide a data acquisition solution for you.

DGH analog products contain a high-resolution converter for precision measuring, linearizing and converting industrial sensors such as DC voltages, thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors and 4-20mA current loops to scaled engineering data.  Sensors can be directly connected to our products without the need for external signal conditioners or components.  

DGH Digital I/O products interface industrial on/off signals to host computers and controllers.  The digital I/O product line includes modular and board level products for interfacing with solid-date relays, industry standard relay mounting boards, and contact closures.  

Our analog and digital product offerings include several connectivity options and supported communications protocols for compatibility with commercially available software programs.

  • Water & Waste Management Systems
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Energy Management
  • Power Utilities
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Automotive Crash Testing
  • Monitoring Systems on Nuclear Subs & Aircraft Carriers
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Monitoring
  • Network TV Temperature Display
  • OEM Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Control Systems
  • Custom Yacht Monitoring
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