With large footprints, durability, and sensitivity, electrolytic tiltmeters make great solutions for many geophysical projects. Their durability allows them to be buried into boreholes, submerged for deep-sea measuring, or installed in freezing temperatures to track the subtle activity of glaciers. Jewell’s electrolytic tiltmeters monitor dozens of geological hazards on four continents!

Slope Monitoring
Landslides can give subtle hints before they strike too. An in-place inclinometer such as the Little Dipper, can be dug into the ground horizontally or vertically and strung in a series to detect when layers of sediment are sliding too far. If you need higher precision, the Lily* serves as a solution too.

Volcano Monitoring
Volcanoes are unpredictable and devastating without high precision tilt measurement. Jewell offers extremely sensitive tiltmeters to monitor volcanoes’ changing shapes before and after eruptions, and detect subtle ground movement that indicates when a volcano is about to blow its top.

Glacier Movement & Fracking
Jewell tiltmeters can be used to monitor and track glacier activities. Borehole tiltmeters are frequently used to study the ground activity of fracking to ensure no disasters strike while oil companies are at work.

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