At Jewell Instruments, we design and manufacture high precision accelerometers or vibration sensors to measure acceleration, vibration, shock, and motion in various applications. These accelerometers are driven by MEMS, force balance, and quartz technologies making them ideal for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and sensing requirements. Jewell precision accelerometers offered in single-axis, dual-axis, and tri-axis configurations. Shop today to find the best precision accelerometer for your needs.

Working of an Accelerometer Explained

Accelerometer users typically sense changes in velocity and characterize outputs and errors in g. Jewell accelerometers are precision inertial sensors. They utilize closed-loop sensor technology to produce a accurate output with high resolution. The inertial sensor output is an analog voltage, current, or digital signal proportional to applied acceleration and tilt from DC through a specified frequency. Jewell has produced inertial sensor torquers and complete acceleration sensing assemblies for many years. Jewell inertial sensors are used throughout the world for detecting acceleration from less than one µG to more than 40G. An inertial sensor responds to both earth’s gravity and acceleration.

Types of Accelerometers Offered by Jewells Instruments

We offer the following types of accelerometer sensors.

  1. Force Balance Accelerometers: These are low noise and high sensitivity sensors, which are designed for various structural and seismic applications. Our force balance accelerometers are distinguished by ruggedness, high reliability, miniature design, and minimal current drain. Owing to their high precision design, these accelerometers find great applications in nuclear power, military and aviation flight controls, etc.
  2. MEMS Accelerometers: Many Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers are offered with a robust and rugged enclosures and available in single, dual, and tri-axis models. These precision accelerometers are designed for high stability and low power applications.

Applications of Accelerometer

Our high-precision accelerometers assure a high level of accuracy, stability, and repeatability in various industrial applications. They have been successfully employed in the following areas:

  • Well borehole logging
  • Measure while drilling (MWD)
  • Oil drilling
  • Orientation systems for drilling applications
  • Borehole mapping
  • Vehicle testing
  • Railway maintenance and testing
  • Acceleration/deceleration testing
  • Aerospace/spacecraft testing
  • Lateral train control
  • Geophysical testing
  • Aircraft stability control
  • Aircraft flight testing
  • Vehicle roadway profiling

Tips to Choose the Best Accelerometer Sensor for Your Application

Choosing the right accelerometer sensor for your application can be a challenging task. The following pointers will be helpful.

  • Type of Measurement: Accelerometers can be used to measure the following parameters:
    • Vibration: This happens when an object oscillates about its position. Vibration is a common occurrence in automotive and machining environments.
    • Motion: This is the moving characteristic of any industrial machinery.
    • Shock: A body resonates when there is a sudden excitation of the structure.
    • Seismic: It is a low-frequency vibration, requiring high precision accelerometers.
  • Measuring Range: These accelerometer sensors utilize a sensor in the acceleration up to 40G.
  • Environment: The operational environment of the accelerometer needs to be considered. This consideration may involve several parameters, including maximum acceleration levels, humidity, temperature, and so on.
  • Technical Support: A knowledgeable sales team at the manufacturer’s end will help you choose the right accelerometer sensor based on your needs.

Being at the forefront of high quality and high precision technologies and products, we understand the precision that various industries demand. We have obtained extensive application knowledge over the years. This allows us to build custom high precision accelerometers for specific applications. Just contact us by phone or send an email to if you have any questions and we will help you find the best solution for your application.

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