Overcoming Environmental Noise in Tilt Sensing Applications

Users of force balance inclinometers and tilt sensors can often see high noise in the field. Understanding the device is critical to solving the problem. A force balance inclinometer, or tilt sensor, is a high resolution, extremely accurate force balance accelerometer which is responding to the acceleration of Earth’s gravity to determine the angle of tilt….

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How Sensors Can Prevent Wind Turbine Downtime

The demand for renewable energy is only increasing as new technology solutions emerge such as electric cars on the streets and solar panels on rooftops. Clean energy is powering the future and wind is a key source of power for many communities. The Need for Preventative Maintenance Wind turbines have been popping up on land…

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Low Inertial Acceleration? Know Which Sensor to Use

Every object that moves is experiencing acceleration, but not every movement requires one type of accelerometer to measure it. For applications that involve vibration, the type of accelerometer you need depends on the requirements of your project. For Low Vibration Sensing Force-balanced sensors use a pendulum and torque motor and MEMS accelerometers use chip-based technology to measure acceleration…

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Should Your Sensor Have a Connector or Pin Terminals?

Connectors and pin terminals are common and dependable connections that relay your readings from within the sensor to the screen in front of you. These two options each have advantages and limitations and deciding which is better for your application depends on some factors. Connector Benefits A connector is the better option when you need…

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3 Reasons Why MEMS Sensors are More Durable Than You May Think

MEMS has emerged as a cost-effective and high precision solution to some pretty demanding projects, including many industrial applications. Its accuracy can hold up to the test, but how about its durability? Will it be able to withstand the temperature or shock of your project? Temperature Range MEMS inclinometers and accelerometers bear a favorable temperature range of…

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