Most of us drive over a bridge and enter a tunnel without contemplating the engineering marvel that these structures are. These structures are often monitored continuously with sensors to ensure their safety. Geotechnical tiltmeters designed to measure very acute tilt angles, minor deflections and deformations of such structures over time.



Dam Monitoring & Gate Control
The 820 Shallow Water Series is a submersible tilt monitoring solution for dams and other partially submerged structures. Using an absolute gravity-referenced electrolytic sensor, the 820 delivers superior measurement accuracy with virtually no long-term drift.

Infrastructure Monitoring
In environments where vibration or shock will be a factor, the rugged Black Diamond Series can deliver your important readings with great performance. Jewell Black Diamond Series inclinometers is a low cost, high precision tilt sensor designed with higher accuracy than comparable MEMS devices.

Tunnel Monitoring
For monitoring the walls of an underground facility or tunnel, 800 series tiltmeters have the durability and precision to get the job done. The Little Dipper in-place inclinometer has also been used as a relatively low-cost solution for monitoring tunnel structures and other borehole applications.

Bridge Monitoring
Our geotechnical tiltmeters are ideal for precision measurements in case of platform leveling, deflections on bridges, and structural analysis. 700 series tiltmeters are designed to constantly monitor the structure of important bridges. The 820 Shallow Water series is a precision, submersible option for bridges.

Offshore Measurement
Offshore floating rigs depend on anchors for their stability. 802 Deepwater Series is a common tilt monitoring solution for the stability of floating rigs.



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