Modutec World Meter Series – Windo-Mount™ Panel Meters

The World Meters incorporate Modutec’s third-generation taut-band/moving-coil movement – unmatched in any competitive production meter, anywhere – with a space-efficient case and dial configuration that takes about 30% less space than conventional panel meters. The result is a rugged and accurate meter with unique and desirable features, at a very economical price.

Additional Information


• Small frontal area and small behind-panel volume helps solve packaging-density problems – a 4½" meter with its big,
legible dial easily fits into a 3½" rack panel.
• Large translucent dial designed for shadowless backlighting.
• Small, fully insulated barrel – a boon to technicians.
• Quick-connect terminals on the case or rear of the barrel.
• Ideal for PC board applications.
• Real zero adjust optional.

Performance Specifications

Accuracy*±2% DC
±3% AC
(60Hz sine wave)
Tracking*±1 ½% DC
±2% AC
vertical mounting
Response Time±1.5 seconds maximum for all ranges, except 0-50µA and below, where the response
time is 3.0 seconds maximum.
Scale Arc100°
ShieldingSelf-shielded; no special calibration needed for steel or non-ferrous panel mounting.
Meter SizeScale Length
1 ½"1.43"
2 ½"2.14"
3 ½"3.35"
4 ½"4.25"

*Percent of full scale. On zero center meters, specification applies to full scale, not end scale values, e.g., 50-0-50 µA is 100 µA full scale.


Outline Drawing

How To Order

Please refer to the World Meter Catalog in the Downloads section of this page. Mention any options you would like to add to your meter.

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