ASMP Angular Accelerometer

The Jewell ASMP Angular Accelerometer is configured specifically to yield a combination of miniaturization, high accuracy and ruggedness. The ASMP has been designed to minimize thermal errors associated with outdoor applications. The Jewell ASMP Series is the highest accuracy sensor of its class in the world today.



Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.50 × 1.05 × 1.39 in

• Bandwidth to 200 Hz
• 1.05" Cube Housing Size
• ± 15 Standard Input Voltage
• Aerospace Quality and Reliability


• Fatigue Monitoring
• Oil Well Drilling
• Flight Control Systems
• Automotive Angular Accelerometer Testing
• Antenna Stabilization
• Autopilot System Testing
• Optical System Stabilization
• Missile Orientation
• Fire Control

Performance Specifications


Input Range (rad/sec2)1±200±500±1000
Full Range Output (FRO, Volts ±1.0%)±5.0±5.0±5.0
Non-linearity (%FRO maximum)
Scale Factor (Volts/rad/sec2 nominal)0.0250.010.005
Scale Factor Temp Sens (PPM/°C maximum)180180180
Bias (rad/sec2 maximum)±1.0±4.0±4.0
Bias Temperature Sensor (rad/sec2/°C maximum)0.400.400.40
Bandwidth (-3dB, Hz nominal)70100120
Alignment (True Sensitivity Axis to Mount, ° maximum)±1.0±1.0±1.0
Resolution & Threshold (rad/sec2 maximum)0.0040.0100.020


Input Voltage (VDC nominal)4±12 to ±18
Input Current (mA nominal)10.0
Output Impedance (Ω nominal)4000
Noise (mvrms maximum)0.005


Operating Temperature Range-55 to +95°C
Survival Temperature Range-65 to +105°C
Vibration100 grms
SealMIL-STD-202, Method 112, IP65


Outline Drawing

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