ASXC Angular Accelerometer

The Jewell ASXC Series Fluid Rotor Angular Accelerometer is a force balanced servo accelerometer that uses a fluid-filled ring chamber to measure angular acceleration. The ASXC is currently used in a wide variety of applications such as many military and aviation flight controls including autopilot or aircraft stability and control systems or satellite stability.



Additional Information

Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.54 × 3.44 in

• Standard Input Ranges ±2 to ±100 rad/sec²
• Resolution to 0.001 rad/sec²
• Very High Output to Size Ratio
• Self-test for Greater Than 95% Fail Detection
• -30°C to +70°C Operating Temperature Range


• Aircraft Stability Augmentation
• Race car Performance Testing
• Camera Angular Motion Stabilization
• Autopilot System Input
• Rotating System Performance Testing
• Flight Simulation
• Dyno Testing
• Weapons Control and Targeting
• Airframe Fatigue Monitoring

Performance Specifications


Input Range (rad/sec2)±2±10±20±50±100
Full Range Output (FRO, Volts ±5%)±10.0±10.0±10.0±10.0±10.0
Non-linearity (%FRO maximum)
Scale Factor (Volts/rad/sec2, 5%)5.0001.0000.5000.2000.100
Scale Factor Temperature Sensitivity (% reading/°C maximum)
Bias (rad/sec2)±0.005 ±0.020±0.030±0.080±0.100
Bias Temperature Sensitivity (FRO/°C maximum)0.0010.0010.0010.0010.001
Natural Frequency (Hz, minimum)100150200170170
Damping Ratio (nominal)
Input Axis Misalignment (rad/sec2/rad/sec2, maximum)±0.025±0.025±0.025±0.025±0.025
Resolution & Threshold (rad/sec2 maximum)0.0010.0010.0020.0050.10


Number of Axes1
Input Voltage (VDC, 10%)±15
Input Current (mA nominal)25
Output Impedance (Ω nominal)100
Noise (mvrms maximum)


Operating Temperature Range-30°C to +70°C
Survival Temperature Range-40°C to +170°C
SealMIL-STD-202, Method 112


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