Jewell DPM 96 A/V DC

The digital panel meter, DPM 48×96 has been designed for industrial automation and laboratory uses which frequently require precise, onsite adjustment of the display range. With versions available for current (A, B), voltage (C, F) sensors, this panel meter is a cost-effective choice for virtually all switchboard instruments.

*Note: Models AC & T no longer available.


Additional Information

Weight 17.6 oz
Dimensions 5.4 × 3.8 × 1.9 in

• Available in size 96 mm x 96 mm
• DC current ranges and DC voltage ranges
• 3 ½ digit ultra-bright display
• User-defined caption
• Auxillary Power Supply:
– AC – 230 V (+10% / -15%)
– AC – 110 V (+10% / -15%)
– DC – 24 V (21…..30 V)
• Highly adaptable DPM's suitable for a wide range of measuring applications.
• Versions available for DC current (mA) and DC voltage (mV & Volts) inputs.
• The chosen input range is user adjustable, from 10% to 100% of the full-scale value for DC current, DC mV & DC voltage for simple adaptation of the digital readout to the input value.

Performance Specifications

Display Range1999
Decimal Point PositionSelectable by short links at the front side of the display
Negative Display Indication"---"
Digit Height14mm/7 segment digits (optional 20mm available)
Overload IndicationLast 3 digits blank
Power SupplyDirect Voltage DC:
24V DC (21-30V), ≈5.5W (isolated)

Alternating Voltage AC:
110V AC (+10%/-15%) ≈5.5W (isolated)
230V AC (+10%/-15%) ≈5.5W (isolated)

47-60 Hz
Operating Temperature0-55°C
Storage Temperature-25-70°C
Bezel Size96mm x 96mm DIN 43 700
Panel Cut-Out92+0.8mm x 95+0.8mm
Overall Depth55mm
ConnectionsPlug-in screw terminal blocks

Voltage Version

Measurement Ranges

DC Current Ranges Available
(voltage drop < 600mV)
(Range selection by input choice)


Measuring Accuracy Current (Voltage drop, 600mV)<0.1% of range +1 digit
Temperature Coefficient300 ppm/°C
Zero Point Drift200 ppm/°C
Range Adjustment SpanFrom 10% to 100% of range

Current Versions

Measurement Ranges

DC mV Ranges Available
(input current <300µA)
(Range selection by input choice)
DC Voltage Ranges Available*0-2V


mV RangesVolt Ranges
Measuring Accuracy (Input Current, 300µA)<0.1% of range +1 digit<0.2% of range +1 digit
Temperature Coefficient300 ppm/°C300 ppm/°C
Zero Point Drift200 ppm/°C200 ppm/°C
Range Adjustment SpanFrom 10% to 100% of rangeFrom 10% to 100% of range

*Non-standard input voltage range available on request



How To Order

Please refer to the Datasheet in the Downloads section of this page.

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