The 4-20mA Square Emerald Series Inclinometer

The 4-20mA Square Emerald Series Inclinometer

Jewell Instruments is pleased to introduce the Model SMI-L 4-20mA Forced Balance Inclinometer. This powerful single-axis tilt sensor offers the same high performance and low cost as our standard Emerald Series, but with a convenient 4-20mA output. Units operate as a 3-wire current loop (Power, Return, Signal) for use with any 4-20mA PLC or data logger. Standard ranges are ±3° to ±90° deg. (0° = 12mA). Utilizing a 2-pole Butterworth filter, the SMI-L also delivers exceptional noise rejection in a low-cost inclinometer package. Custom ranges and filter passbands are also available on request. 4-20mA output makes the SMI-L ideal for geotechnical applications where long cable runs are required since there is no signal loss due to cable resistance.

“Jewell is excited to add a low-cost, high precision 4-20mA inclinometer to its product line,” said Bill Bentley, Product Marketing Manager. “The ‘SMI-L’ series delivers exceptional accuracy in a cost-competitive package. This combined with its 4-20mA output makes it an ideal choice for industrial and geotechnical applications where peak performance is required at an affordable price point.”

The SMI-L is useful for geotechnical applications, industrial measurement, and control, robotics, specialized research instruments, or wherever 4-20mA output is required.

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