New High Precision Analog & Digital MEMS Accelerometers

New High Precision Analog & Digital MEMS Accelerometers

Jewell Instruments is thrilled to introduce the new AMA and DMA series MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) accelerometers. They are the latest additions to Jewell’s quality product line of high performance and accuracy for inertial applications.

These low-cost sensors utilize chip-based technology, consisting of a suspended mass between two capacitive plates, to cover a broad range of movement (±1g to ±40g). The AMA series uses 0-5Vdc and 4-20mA analog outputs and the DMA series offers RS-232 and RS-485 digital outputs. Both series are available in single, dual, and tri-axis.

The combination of versatility and affordability makes the sensors a great opportunity for numerous applications. With high sensitivity and durability, they serve as excellent solutions for industrial equipment such as tower cranes, robotics, automatic controls systems, vehicle testing, and more.

“We are very excited here at Jewell Instruments to introduce our first MEMS technology product line,” said Brian Ward, director of business development.  “The AMA/DMA series, MEMS capacitive accelerometers, will be the first of many new MEMS product lines coming out in the next few months from Jewell Instruments. Jewell Instruments is positioning its sensors and controls business as a one-stop solution company for all motion and tilt applications.”

Soon to join the list of Jewell sensors will be MEMS inclinometers.

Jewell Instruments is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of acceleration and tilt sensors as well as avionics components, solenoids, and panel meters. Jewell Instruments provides custom solutions for a diverse group of industries, including aerospace, medical, marine, industrial, telecommunications and rail transportation. Jewell’s Triplett test equipment product line brings over 100 years of experience providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced, rugged, and reliable products in the marketplace.

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