Jewell Instruments COVID-19 Update

Jewell Instruments COVID-19 Update

Jewell Instruments Risk Mitigation Plan – COVID-19

In light of concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the effect it is having our global economy, Jewell Instruments and our affiliated companies, Triplett and DGH Corp., want to reassure our business partners that we have taken risk mitigating actions to minimize both health risks, and business continuity risks.

Our entire workforce is actively following CDC guidance regarding good personal and facility hygiene practices and we are cleaning our facility on a daily basis. We are also implementing actions to avoid or minimize unnecessary close contact. Currently, there has been no impact to Jewell Instruments’ employees due to this disease.

Jewell Instruments will continue to monitor the CDC regarding COVID-19 to ensure best practices are in place and effective. Our emphasis is to maintain a healthy and informed workforce that can continue to provide products and services to our valued customers.

Temporary Visitor Policy (Next 90 days effective 1-Jul-2020)

  • We strongly encourage teleconferencing for all group activities such as business meetings
  • We are suspending all non-critical audits of our facility
  • Anyone requesting a facility visit will be asked to provide justification due to current risks
  • All business-critical visitors will be asked to provide travel history information and complete a visitor questionnaire prior to access to the facility
  • During this period, we are enforcing a ban of all visitors from all countries that have a Level 3 or 4 Travel Health Notice.


Jewell Instruments has experienced some supply-chain disruption, but thus far, we have not been seriously impacted.

We cannot predict how a long-term impact will affect the supply chain and our ability to obtain materials but we have had relatively little impact to date.  We continue to work closely with all of our suppliers to assure any disruptions are minimized.

We are sharing communications from local health officials and federal organizations (CDC and the like) with all employees as they become available.  We are supporting work-from-home opportunities where applicable and encouraging those who may feel ill to stay at home.


We are committed to supporting our customers and keeping them informed as conditions evolve. Our goal is to continue to meet all of our customers’ needs and ensure we remain effective through this crisis.

Carlo I Carluccio
President/ CEO

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