2 Tactics to Filter Vibration from Inertial Sensor Readings

2 Tactics To Filter Vibration From Inertial Sensor Readings

Whether you’re monitoring an important bridge or the performance of construction machinery, you need to know about every inertial reading the sensor gives you. Unfortunately, not all applications are conducive for gathering sensitive readings. Outside vibration within many industrial environments can interfere with the sensor’s readings, giving you inaccurate or incomprehensible data. If your application includes vibration that can disrupt the readings you need most, here are two tactics to avoid it.

Servo Motor Servo motor with pendulum

1. Choose a fluid-damped, force-balanced sensor

Force-balanced sensors utilize mechanical technology composed of a servo motor and a pendulum. When force is acted on the sensor and the pendulum moves, the servo motor corrects it and converts that force into a digital or analog signal.

Most force-balanced sensors can be fluid-damped to filter out vibration. This process tightens the sensor’s pendulum in order to increase its resistance to subtle and repetitive movements caused by vibration. Since not all applications are the same, damping can be customized based on the level of vibration included in the environment.

An electrolytic sensor uses fluid-based technology and its sensitivity is useful for gradual movement in geotechnical monitoring. However, when in a non-static environment, the fluid in the sensor will temporarily slosh back and forth, presenting erratic readings.

2. Use a durable connection that will withstand demanding environments

There is usually more than one output connection option for a force-balanced sensor. Every output can use a shielded cable with a circular connector that will provide more durability and resistance to outside interference. These features may be higher cost than pin terminals or wire connections but will spare you the time and money needed to replace parts that are not prepared for significant vibration and shock.

Connector Force balanced inclinometer with circular connector and shielded cable

Most Jewell sensor models can be customized to suit your specific requirements. Features such as measuring range, output signal, connection type, mechanical assemblies and more can be tailored for your application’s needs. Talk to us about custom sensors!

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