Modutec MC1 Series – 250° High Torque Taut-Band Movements Meters

Modutec MC1 movements are technically advanced and offer outstanding features not found in other 250° movements. Their unusually small size and their refined taut-band suspension mean high performance in the area of accuracy, tracking, and repeatability. Their unique design includes shock limiters and vibration stops which combined with optional Fluidyne® viscous damping gives them exceptional durability and stability in difficult environments.

Mounting is usually by means of three tapped brass standoffs which are swaged to either the front or the back of the movement, as ordered, permitting installation within its 1.25″ O.D.

Dials can be mounted to standoffs on the front of the movement; however, MC1 movements are usually ordered with a universal mounting plate (see drawing) installed. This not only serves as a dial mount but also coordinates with the mounting requirements of many domestic and imported movements. Note that front standoffs are not available when the universal mounting plate is installed.

Standard movements come without front and back dust caps. Either or both will be installed when specified on order.

Performance Specifications

Accuracy±2% of full scale standard, other tolerances available
Tracking±2% of full scale standard, other tolerances available
Maximum Pointer Length2" from pivot center



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