Jewell 80 Series

The Jewell window mount 80 series analog panel meter is designed with a crisp appearance and high visibility. Only the clean lines of the dial face appear on your panel front, providing maximum layout flexibility. This unique space-saving meter saves up to 3 cubic inches behind the panel when compared to “barrel type” meters.

Additional information

Available Inputs

• DC and AC Rectified inputs
• DC: uA, mA, A, mV, V
• AC: V
• Plus custom-designed inputs and scales


PerformanceMeets requirements of American National Standard Institute ANSI C39.1
AccuracyAll DC meters ±2% and all AC rectified-type meters ±3% of full scale at 23°C
CaseThe taut band has a plated sintered iron pole piece.
Core-mag has a black Lexan housing attached to a flange.
A plastic cap seals the bottom of the pole piece/housing.
CoverClear Plexiglass cover snaps onto a Plexiglass flange.
A "nest" is provided on the back of the flange for mounting resistors on 1½" and 2½" meters.
Lexan material available upon request.
Zero SetZero left is standard.
Zero center, zero right, and offset zero available upon request.
Zero AdjusterExternal adjuster on the cover is standard on all models with minimum ±3% adjustment range.
DialWhite metal dial with sharp division marks, black printed numerals, and flattern arc.
Special dials including mirrored and multicolor available upon request.
PointerBlack knife-edge pointer is standard.
Lance or tubular pointers and red or white colors available upon request.
DeflectionT - Taut band standard is 100°
CM - Core-mag standard is 90°
TerminalsSolder-type terminals mounted on the back of the housing.
MountingOption two-stud behind-panel mounting
IlluminationOptional translucent white plastic dial with shadow-free clear solid meter back. This option deletes resistor nest and mounting studs from 1½" and 2½" meters
WarrantyOne year limited warranty

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


TCompact self-shielded taut band movement using simplified, frictionless suspension system supporting moving assembly.
For applications that do not have severe shock and vibration.
1½" (81T)
2½" (82T)
3½" (83T)
CMCompact, self-shielded D'Arsonval pivot and jewel movement providing excellent damping, repeatability, and resistance to shock and vibration.1½" (81CM)
2½" (82CM)
3½" (83CM)



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