Jewell 50 Series

The Jewell surface mounted 50 series analog panel meter is designed with traditional black case and glass windows. Black phenolic Bakelite covers and cases suited for industrial equipment. Available in both round and square shapes.

Additional information

Available Inputs

• DC and AC Rectified inputs
• DC: uA, mA, A, mV, V
• AC: V
• Plus custom-designed inputs and scales


PerformanceMeets requirements of American National Standard Institute ANSI C39.1
AccuracyAll DC meters ±2% and all AC rectified-type meters ±3% of full scale at 23°C
CasePrecision molded, black phenolic Bakelite case.
CoverPrecision molded, black phenolic Bakelite cover with glass window.
Zero SetZero left is standard.
Zero center, zero right, and offset zero available upon request.
Zero AdjusterExternal adjuster on the cover is standard on all models with minimum ±3% adjustment range.
DialWhite metal dial with sharp division marks, black printed numerals, and radial arc.
Special dials including mirrored for 5" meters and multicolor available upon request.
PointerBlack lance pointer is standard.
Knife edge or tubular pointers and red or white colors available upon request.
DeflectionT - Taut band standard is 100°
TB - Taut band standard is 100°
CM - Core-mag standard is 90°
Pivot & Jewell standard is 100° for 100µamp range and above and 90° for below.
TerminalsThreaded stud-type terminals are standard. Solder lugs are available upon request.
MountingThree-stud mounting on all-round meters and four-stud mounting on all square meters.
IlluminationInternal illumination is available on 5" meters. Two lamp welds are cemented to meter case holding two lamp sockets. Light bulbs not included.
WarrantyOne year limited warranty

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


TCompact self-shielded taut band movement using simplified, frictionless suspension system supporting moving assembly.
For applications that do not have severe shock and vibration.
2½" round/square (52RT/52ST)
3½" round/square (53RT/53ST)
5" square (55ST)
TBHigh performance taut band movement having unique suspension system for shock resistance.
Offers a variety of ballistics with superior torque and damping capabilities.
2½" round (52RTB)
3½" round (53RTB)
5" square (55STB)
CMCompact, self-shielded D'Arsonval pivot and jewel movement providing excellent damping, repeatability, and resistance to shock and vibration.2½" round/square (52RCM/52SCM)
3½" round/square (53RCM/53SCM)
5" square (55SCM)
Pivot & JewelD'Arsonval mechanism offering excellent sensitivity, repeatability and resistance to shock and vibration.
Offers a variety of ballistics with superior torque and damping capabilities.
2½" round/square (52R/52S)
3½" round/square (53R/53S)
5" square (55S)



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