ASBC Series Angular Accelerometer

The Jewell ASB Series Angular Accelerometer is a general-purpose ±200 radian/second² to ±1000 radian/second² device for industrial, commercial and sensing requirements.

Additional Information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.60 × 1.10 × 1.24 in

• Bandwidths to 200 Hz
• IP65 Seals
• Available 28V Aircraft Input
• Connector or Pin Configuration
• Aerospace Quality and Reliability
• Low Output Impedance
• High Input Range


• Unipolar Output
• 28 VDC Input, 0.2-4.8 VDC Telemetry Output
• 28 VDC Input, Biploar, Non-Isolated Output
• Low Output Impendance
• Lower Ranges Available on Request
• Up to 1500 radian/second² Available


• Antenna Stabilization
• Acceleration Measurement for Guidance Control Systems
• Vehicle Ride Analysis
• Optical System Stabilization
• Autopilot System Input
• Motor Torque Measurement and Control
• Automotive Angular Acceleration Testing
• (6 Degrees of Freedom) Flight Simulators
• Dyno Testing

Performance Specifications


Input Range (rad/sec2)1±200±500±1000
Full Range Output (FRO, Volts ±1.0%)±5.0±5.0±5.0
Non-linearity (%FRO maximum)20.500.200.10
Scale Factor (Volts/rad/sec2 nominal)0.0250.0100.005
Scale Factor Temp Sens (PPM/°C maximum)180180180
Bias (rad/sec2 maximum)
Bias Temperature Sensor (rad/sec2/°C maximum)
Output Impedance (Ω nominal)10.0k4.0k5.0k
Natural Frequency (Hz nominal)370100120
Bandwidth (-3dB, Hz nominal)70100120
Input Axis Misalignment (° maximum)
Resolution & Threshold (rad/sec2 maximum)0.0050.0050.005


Input Voltage (VDC nominal)4±12 to ±18
Input Current (mA nominal)10.0
Noise (mvrms maximum)5.0


Operating Temperature Range-55 to +95°C
Survival Temperature Range-65 to +105°C
Shock100g, 0.011 second, ½ sine
SealMIL-STD-202, Method 112


1: Full range is defined as "from negative full input acceleration to positive full input acceleration."
2: Nonlinearity is specified as deviation of output referenced to a best fit straight line, independent of misalignment.
3: Output phase angle = -90°.
4: Unit Power connections can be easily adapted for operation from single-ended, floating power supplies of 24 to 36 Volts DC


Outline Drawing

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