Model D750-100/200 Tiltmeter Series

The D750-100/200 tiltmeter series is the digital version of the Black Diamond Tiltmeter sensor line for geotechnical measurement. It includes a 0.001° and industry standard RS-485 or RS-422 digital output signals.



Additional Information

Weight 8.1 oz
Dimensions 3.235 × 2.03 × 2.1 in

• Digital output
• Resolution 0.001°
• Mechanical Shock 1500g 1msec 1/2 sine
• Industry Standard EIA RS-485
• For use in high shock and vibration environments
• High Precision and Performance
• Low Noise


• Radar/Antenna Control
• Structural Monitoring
• Seismic Monitoring
• Platform Leveling
• Lab Testing & Research

Performance Specifications


Input Range (°)±1±3±14.5±30±60
Non-linearity (%FRO maximum)20.020.0150.020.020.03
Scale Factor Tolerance (%, maximum)
Scale Factor Temperature Sensitivity (% reading/°C maximum)
Bandwidth (-3dB, Hz, nominal)
Transverse Axis Misalignment (° maximum)
Output at 0° Tilt (maximum)
0° Output Temperature Sensitivity (°/°C maximum)0.0010.0010.0050.0050.005
Hysteresis (° maximum)0.0010.0010.0010.0010.001
Resolution & Threshold (° maximum)0.0010.0010.0010.0010.001
Power on Repeatability (° maximum)0.0010.0010.0010.0010.001
Repeatability (° maximum)0.0010.0010.0020.0020.003

Digital Output

ProtocolProprietary (custom)
Output RepresentationDegrees
Baud Rate419200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400


Number of Axes1 or 2
Supply Voltage (VDC)+10 to +30
Input Current (mA, maximum)Transmitting: DXI-100 32 mA & DXI-200 50 mA
Not Transmitting: DXI-100 22 mA & DXI-200 40 mA


Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
Protection Class per IEC 529IP67
NEMA Enclosure Rating6
Shock1500g, 1 msec, ½ sine
Vibration Survival (grms, 20Hz to 2KHz)20


MaterialAnodized and Alodine Aluminum
SealMILD-STD-202 Method 112
Connector TypeMS27476Y10D35P
Recommended Mating ConnectorMS27473T10B35S


1: Full range is defined as "from negative full input angle to positive full input angle"
2: Non-linearity is specified as deviation of output referenced to a best fit straight line, independent of misalignment.
3: In default condition without averaging enabled.
4: Default Baud Rate is 38400


D750-100/200 Datasheet
Outline Drawing

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