84053 & 59577 Mid-Range Ceramic Sensor Assembly

The Model 84053 Mid-range Ceramic Tilt Sensor is a compact and robust electrolytic tilt sensor with up to 1.75 µradian resolution. This precision sensor has a fast warm-up, high sensitivity, high repeatability, and excellent long-term stability. It is mounted on an anodized aluminum bracket that strengthens the assembly and simplifies the installation and repositioning of this versatile product. (Model 59577 is the same sensor without a mounting bracket). All 84053 and 59577 Ceramic Tilt Sensors include calibration over ±3° when ordered with Jewell electronics (or specify special/custom calibrated ranges on order). Use the 84053/59577 sensor for precision OEM applications where small size and peak performance are key such as leveling and positioning in a variety of test and measurement applications.


Additional Information

Dimensions 1.7 × 0.92 × 0.72 in

• Total range: ±6°, linear range: ±3°

Performance Specifications

Total Range (° maximum)1±6
Linear Range (°)±3
Resolution (°)<0.001 (<1.75 µradian)
Repeatability (°)0.0002 (3.5 µradian static)
Nonlinearity (½ span, typical)22%
Nonlinearity (full-span, typical)28%
Natural Frequency (Hz)3
Time Constant (seconds)0.15
Kz Temp Coefficient (bias/°C, typical)±3.5 µradians
Ks Temp Coefficient (%/°C, typical)30.04
Operating Temperature-50 to +125°C
Storage Temperature-75 to +150°C
MaterialsCeramic sensor, gold anodized Al, Teflon lead wire
Sensor ExcitationUse with any Jewell Instruments signal conditioner

1: Specify calibrated range on order
2: Max non-linearity from BFSL drawn through calibration curve, to 0.05% linearity with 5th order polynomial
3: Ks = % change in scale factor per °C typical

*Specifications subject to change on account of continued product development


84053 Outline Drawing
59577 Outline Drawing
User Manual

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