755 & 756 Miniature Tilt Sensors

755- and 756-Series Miniature Tilt Sensors contain one or two of our electrolytic tilt transducers in a solid stainless steel or aluminum housing, with holes for vertical or horizontal mounting. These are the same high-precision sensors that we use in our 500– and 700-Series tiltmeters. Several of the models are available in vacuum-compatible versions designed for minimal outgassing under high-vacuum conditions. Two options are available, the high-gain 755-Series and mid-range 756-Series. Typical applications for these compact modules include X-ray mirrors, telescope mounts, wind tunnel models, and medical devices. The sensors may be operated at a distance (cable length) up to 100m from their Jewell Instruments signal conditioner.

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• Synchrotron Radiation Labs
• High Energy Physics
• Specialized Measurement and control systems
• Vacuum applications (755/756 VAC versions)

Performance Specifications

755-Series: High-Gain756-Series: Mid-Range
Total Range (° maximum)1±0.5±10
Linear Range (°)±0.25±5
Resolution (µradian)<0.1 (0.02 arcsec)1.0 (0.2 arcsec)
Repeatability (µradian, static)12
Nonlinearity (%, typical)2½ span: 1
Full span: 7
½ span: 0.5
Full span: 2
Natural Frequency (Hz)0.81.3
Time Constant (seconds)0.50.4
Kz Temperature Coefficient (bias/°C, typical)4±3 µradians±10 µradians
Ks Temperature Coefficient (%/°C, typical)3, 40.040.05
Environmental-25 to +80°C operation and storage, non-submersible
Materials304 SS (Anodized Aluminum available on request)

1: Custom ranges available
2: Max nonlinearity from BFSL drawn through calibration curve, to 0.05% linearity with 5th order polynomial
3: Ks = % change in scale factor per °C typical
4: For exact Kz & Ks coefficients, we can offer custom temperature characterization for multiple temperature points

*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued product development.


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