MEMS Inclinometers

MEMS Inclinometers

Jewell Instruments presents both analog and digital inclinometers that utilize MEMS capacitive technology. Each MEMS inclinometer is capable of measuring positive and negative inclination (angle) from ±1° to ±90° in one and two-axis configurations. You can get the exact MEMS tilt sensor required for your application by choosing the angle range, bandwidth, analog or digital electrical output, and more.

MEMS Precision Inclinometer Selector Guide

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Types of MEMS Inclinometers Offered by Jewel Instruments

MEMS stands for micro electromechanical system. These are robust and rugged sensors great for industrial use, yet includes the low-cost MEMS technology. An inclinometer is a device used to measure angle or tilt, elevation or depression in terms of gravity. They are used to measure structural displacements above and below ground surfaces. Our high precision MEMS inclinometers are suitable for measuring angles for static as well as dynamic applications.

Features of MEMS Inclinometers Offered by Jewel Instruments

Here are some beneficial features of our MEMS inclination sensors.

  • We offer both digital and analog MEMS inclinometers which may be either single- or dual-axis devices.
  • We offer RoHS compliant models; however, we can customize the same depending on the requirements.
  • They are applicable in moving machines, planes flying at high altitudes, ships, leveling measurements, rotating lasers, and so on. They are also used in railway track alignment, subsea vehicles, and so on.
  • We offer several models and have a wide measuring range from ±1 to ±90 degrees.
  • They’re available with resolution up to 0.0001° and many connector options for maximum versatility.

At Jewell Instruments, our long market presence and experience in catering to clients with diverse requirements have helped us build expertise in manufacturing high accuracy sensors. Our MEMS inclinometers can be customized based on client requirements. We are capable of catering to the most complex requirements pertaining to design and manufacturing of high precision MEMS inclinometers. We offer complete technical assistance in case you have any questions pertaining to our MEMS inclination sensors. If you want to share your requirements or have any questions about the same, do get in touch with our team via phone or email.

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