4 New Year’s Resolutions for Growth & Improvement

4 New Year’s Resolutions For Growth & Improvement

Here at Jewell Instruments, we have been creating high-quality, precision sensors for over 60 years. But that doesn’t mean we sit back and rest on our laurels. As we enter a new year – and a new decade, we are focusing on growth and improvement. Here are some of our New Year’s Resolutions.


In order to deliver outstanding customer service, it is vital that Jewell prioritize customers. That means a better method of tracking and managing customers and prospects to make sure you get all the information you need when you want it. It also means a complete website refresh is coming in 2020 with cleaner, easy to navigate menus and fewer clicks to reach the information you’re looking for. We are preparing to be the best, most organized, supplier of sensors, meters, and avionics.


We are passionate about the products we produce! Did you know that Jewell Instruments is one of the only “one-stop shop” suppliers in the sensor industry? That’s right, we offer Force Balance, MEMS, and Electrolytic sensors all under one roof. Not to mention the tried-and-true meters and avionics products in our catalog. Each product is designed and assembled with care with the customer in mind. As we continue to grow within this realm, adding more products that we love to our catalog, we will remain dedicated to producing only the highest quality precision products.


It is said that thinking you’re smart can make you stupid. Intelligent people are always learning, looking for new methods, and striving for improvement. We at Jewell have a “growth mindset” and believe that effort makes us smarter. We are kicking the effort up a notch; innovating, taking risks, and thinking interdependently. In 2020, Jewell is going to continue learning from our experiences and striving for excellence as we progress through the next decade working hand in hand with our customers to find solutions.


At Jewell, we are committed to being the best we can possibly be. As a company, we are involved with charities in our community, we support the military, and we treat our employees like family. We are committed to great customer service, identifying customer solutions, and delivering superior quality products. 2020 is the year for “extra” at Jewell Instruments, so our engineers will be extra creative, our technicians extra helpful, our customer service specialists will be extraordinary listeners – our goal is to be the best.

We are raising the bar in 2020, and we can’t do it without your help. Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey on the Jewell Instruments website and tell us how we can improve and become a better company and better people. Be honest. We are excited to take your responses and implement real change!

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Cheers to the New Year!

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