3 Examples of How Important Inclinometers are for Construction Vehicles

3 Examples Of How Important Inclinometers Are For Construction Vehicles

Construction machines need to function with efficiency and safety, and an inclinometer is a vital component to control how they operate. Here are three examples of how construction manufacturers can use inclinometers to create a fine-tuned rig.

1. Road Profiling

A smooth, comfortable ride on a newly paved road is an expectation. In order to ensure the road is laid out this way, road rollers are responsible for leveling out fresh pavement. An inclinometer can be embedded into a roller to provide feedback to the operator on the levelness of the pavement in real-time.

For sharp curves in spots such as on and off-ramps, superelevation is necessary to prevent a passenger car’s momentum from carrying it off the road. Engineers can determine the angle needed for this and use an inclinometer to verify the superelevation is properly implemented.

2. Leveling a Mobile Crane

A stable base is critical for the safety of a mobile crane as it reaches lofty structures. When the legs of a crane are deployed, it needs to rely on a system to level itself in order to do its job properly. An inclinometer can be implemented into this leveling system to automate and control the position of the crane.

Another important place an inclinometer can be located is on the boom of the crane. The sensor can provide feedback to the operator on the positioning of the boom so that heavy objects can be placed effectively.

3. Controlling a Mining Shovel

A mining shovel needs to move a lot of dirt and rock in a day’s work. With a precision measurement system, the shovel’s arm can be controlled to make sure those piles of rocks are plopped in the right spot.

Inclinometers for Environments with High Shock & Vibration

A force-balanced inclinometer is a highly accurate tilt solution with a resolution as fine as a 1 µradian. Most models are fluid-damped, which means the sensor will filter surrounding noise and vibration from its readings.

Lower Cost Inclinometers

If you’re on a budget and need to buy in bulk, a MEMS inclinometer is sufficient for construction rigs too. With a resolution of 0.0001°, the precision is not as great as a force-balanced sensor, but if the application doesn’t need that extra precision, this is the solution for you.

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