Avionic Instruments

Jewell Instruments has been one of the leading manufacturers in the world for Meter Movements of all types for over 60 years. We have supplied our products to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps as well as a wide array of military and aerospace customers. Jewell Instruments manufactures a variety of custom assemblies and special instruments combining Jewell Mechanisms and Jewell or customer furnished housings.


Jewell’s custom avionics assemblies can be manufactured for:

  • Automatic Flight Control
  • Ground Velocity Reference
  • Tactical Air Navigation Beacon Systems
  • Visual Omni Range
  • Pilot Steering Indicators
  • Hover Indicators
  • Autopilot Systems
  • Inertial Guidance Systems
  • Horizon Situation Indicators
  • Attitude & Direction Indicators
  • Fuel Gages
  • Global Positioning Systems

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Custom Indicators & Instruments

The design and production of precision avionics instruments has become a highly specialized capability at Jewell Instruments. Our engineering team routinely employs new materials, configurations, and concepts to achieve customer-specified combinations of weights, size, readability, and ruggedness.

In any aircraft instrument system, reliable performance depends on avionics-instruments. Our avionics-instruments present information accurately, simply, and intelligently. Jewell Instruments engineers know that their designs must accomplish system objectives regardless of environment — vibration, rapid attitude change, or other influences. Our expertise in custom-built next-level assemblies spans across years of experience and hundreds of aircraft.

JEWELL Flight Directors (described below) is an example of our capabilities. They illustrate the advanced design concepts employed by our engineers. Whatever your needs may be, our engineering know-how is ready to serve your needs. (View our Partnership Manufacturing Brochure)


Jewell Flight Directors

One of Jewell’s many avionics products is the JEWELL 353 Hover Indicator. It is a four-axis, multipurpose display device and provides Doppler and cable drift information to helicopter pilots. It is capable of being operated in four modes:

  • Automatic Flight Control Systems (AFCS)
  • Ground Velocity Reference (GVR)
  • Tactical Air Navigation Beacon Systems (TAC/TACAN)
  • Visual OMNI Range (On-On/VOR)

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