Modutec W-Series Windo-mount™ Panel Meters

Windo-mount™ is a sophisticated design that has been found universal acceptance since being introduced many years ago by Modutec. The W series meters are easily installed per applications bulletin AB6-1; when so installed the meter cover is flush with the panel surface, with the dial easily read.

W series meters are available in the same ranges and at the same prices as the S series meters. They offer an excellent functional appearance, plus the looks enhancing edge options available. These meters are very popular for stereo and broadcast equipment.

Additional Information


• Available with DC, AC Iron Vane, and AC Rectified inputs
• DC: µa, mA, A, mV, V, Pyrometer (Thermocouple), DVU
• AC: mA, A, V, VU Frequency
• Custom designed inputs and scales available

Performance Specifications

Accuracy*±2% DC
±2% AC - iron vane
±3% AC - rectifier type
(60Hz sine wave)
Tracking*±1½% DC
±2% AC
vertical mounting
Repeatability*0.5% DC and rectifier
±2% iron vane
Response Time1.5 seconds maximum for all ranges, except 0-50µA and below, where the response time is 3.0 seconds maximum.
Resistance±10% DC and rectifier
±30% iron vane
Scale Arc100° (iron vane 90°)
ShieldingSelf-shielded; no special calibration needed for steel or non-ferrous panel mounting,
including iron vane meters
Meter SizeDC & RectifierIron Vane
Scale Length - 1 ½" 1.75"-
Scale Length - 2 ½" 2.41"2.15"
Scale Length - 3 ½" 3.00"2.70"
Scale Length - 4 ½" 4.22"3.80"
Scale Length - 5 ½" 5.12"-

*Percent of full scale. On zero center meters, specification applies to full scale, not end scale values, e.g., 50-0-50 µA is 100 µA full scale.


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How To Order

Please refer to the Series W Catalog in the Downloads tab. Mention any options you would like to add to your meter.

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