Jewell VISTA Series

The Jewell VISTA range of analog panel meters offers accurate measurement and indication of most electrical and electronic parameters in the industry as per industrial standard case size. The range offers AC and DC ammeters, voltmeters, and frequency meters utilizing a high torque pivot and jewel movement. AC moving iron meters also provided 1.5% high accuracy true RMS measurement.

Additional Information


• Measuring and indication of AC amps, volts and DC signals
• Panel Mounting
• High torque pivot and jewel movement
• True RMS measurement meters
• AC and DC inputs
• Up to 50A DC direct connected
• Up to 50A AC direct connected


• Moving iron and coil mechanisms
• ANSI standard case sizes
• Easy to modify for distributions
• Compliant with ANSI C39.1


• Marine
• Switchboard
• Distribution Systems
• Control Panels
• Embedded Generation
• Marine
• Energy Management
• Building Management
• Utility Power Monitoring
• Process Control
• Motor Monitoring

Performance Specifications


DC Ammeters and Voltmeters1.5% 0 to100% of full scale deflection
AC Ammeters and VoltmetersMoving Iron: 1.5% 10 to 100% of full scale deflection
Frequency Meters0.5% of end scale value

Input Ratings

DC Moving Coil Ammeters50μA to 50A
DC Moving Coil Voltmeters50mV to 600V
AC Moving Iron Ammeters (EQ)100mA to 50A
AC Moving Iron Voltmeters (EQ)6V to 600V
Frequency Meters45-55-55 Hz
55-60-65 Hz
45-55-65 Hz
Voltmeters2 times for 0.5 sec: 9 overloads
2 times for 5 sec: 1 overloads
Ammeters10 times for 0.5 sec: 9 overloads
10 times for 5 sec: 1 overload


MovementHigh torque pivot and jewel moving coil and moving iron
Scale BalanceWithin 1% of scale length
Relative Humidity25% to 80% nominal range of use
Operating Temperature0° to +40°C
Storage Temperature-20° to +55°C
CaseMatte black case UL94V0
WindowShatterproof polycarbonate
FixingSurface mounting: 4 corner studs 4-40 UNC (212 & 312), 6-32 UNC (412)


PerformanceANSI C39.1 and IEC 60051
ScalingANDI C39.1
SafetyIEC 61010-1 (LVD) and BS EN 61326: (EMC) UL 61010
VibrationANSI C39.1 cl. 5.13



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