Model 906 Little Dipper In-Place Inclinometer

Little Dipper is an in-place inclinometer system for monitoring slopes, embankments, deep excavations, tunnels, tank foundations, retaining walls, and other types of ground movement. Installed as a string of vertical or horizontal sensors inside inclinometer casing, or by direct burial, this instrument provides a continuous record of ground displacement. Fiberglass rods connect the sensors inside the casing, and fins or universal pivots couple the sensors to the casing walls. Little Dipper’s on-board electronics accept a wide input voltage range and drive long cables without signal loss. The waterproof and non-corrodible ABS sensor housing also makes the Little Dipper a popular tool for underwater tilt measurements in shallow marine applications. Select analog voltage output (biaxial) or 4-20 mA output (uniaxial only).

Additional Information

Weight 12.34 oz
Dimensions 9.25 × 1.55 in

Performance Specifications

Angular Range (°)±12±30±50
Resolution (°)1<0.005<0.01<0.02
Repeatability (°)
Scale Factor (°/V)241025
Non-linearity (%)3Full span: 0.8½ span: 1
Full span: 4
Output Voltage (V)±2.5 or 0-5
ChannelsX-tilt, Y-tilt, Temperature
Kz Coefficient (°/C, typical)±5 arcsec
Ks Coefficient (%/C, typical)±0.03
Time Constant (seconds)0.15
Natural Frequency (Hz)10
Power+8 to +24VDC; 7mA, 250mV ripple max, reverse polarity protected
Environmental-25 to +70°C; Submersible to 72psi (5 bar); 100% humidity (non-condensing)
MaterialsCylindrical ABS housing, Delrin (guide fins)
Cable4 6-conductor, 24 AWG, PVC jacket, polypropylene insulation, overall shield, 0.2 in. (5mm) diameter, 3m cable included.

1: Resolution calculated at 1mV.
2: Linear scale factor calculated from BFSL through calibration curve.
3: Linearity calculated as max % deviation from BFSL. 0.05% linearity achievable using a polynomial.
4: For additional cable lengths, please specify on order (price per ft.).

*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued product development


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