DIN-150 Modbus Strain Gauge Input Modules


The DIN-150 strain gauge input modules contain an isolated 15-bit analog to digital converter and measures resistive strain gauge or load cell sensors.  Each module is hardware optimized to measure either 3mV/V or 10mV/V sensors and includes a DC excitation output voltage source of either +5V or +10Vdc.  The excitation voltage output can source up to 50mA to the sensor.

The DIN-150 performs all signal conditioning, the analog to digital conversion and produces a linearized temperature output. The values are scaled in 16-bit unsigned integer format that represents a percentage of the full scale input range. The data values are transmitted to a host computer using the Modbus RTU serial protocol via an RS-485 serial port.

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Modbus Scaling Overview

The DIN-150 module easily mounts on industry standard 35mm DIN-rail.

Additional Information


• Regulated +5Vdc, 0.75W max.
• Protected against power supply reversals


• Ranges: +/-30mV, +/-100mV. • Accuracy: +/-0.05% of F.S. max.
• Resolution: 10uV (mV spans), 0.02% of F.S. on V span.
• Common mode rejection: 100db at 50/60 Hz.
• Excitation: 5V, 10V, 50mA max
• Input burnout protection to 30Vdc.
• Offset Control: Full input range.
• Zero drift: +/-1uV/deg C max.
• Span tempco: +/-50ppm/deg C max.


The DIN-150 series remote I/O modules are compatible with all commercial software programs and OPC servers that support the Modbus RTU protocol. Commercials software programs from DreamReport, Wonderware, National Instruments Labview, Indusoft, DAQFactory and DASYLab all support the Modbus RTU protocol. OPC Servers from Kepware and MatrikonOPC support the Modbus RTU protocol.

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