D2500 Programmable Strain Gauge Input Modules


The D2500 programmable strain gauge input and load cell measurement modules contain an isolated 15-bit analog to digital converter to measure strain gauges, load cells and sensors with a resistive bridge output. Each strain gauge input module includes an isolated excitation voltage source to excite the strain gauge, eliminating the need for an additional voltage supply. The onboard excitation allows the module to compensate for changes in ambient temperature during the measurement process. Measurement ranges include +/-30mV, +/-100mV, and 1-6Vdc. Available excitation voltages include 5V, 8V and 10Vdc, 60mA max current output.

The D2500 programmable strain gauge input modules include user-selectable scaling of the sensor output data in to desired engineering units that match the application. For example, the D2500 can be programmed to output scaled data values in pounds for a weighing application. See the Programming Supplement for more details and examples.

The D2500 load cell and strain gauge measurement modules perform all signal conditioning, analog to digital conversion, and linearizes the digital data into scaled engineering units. The load cell and strain gauge data is transmitted to a host computer via an RS-232 or RS-485 serial port.

The D2500 programmable strain gauge input and load cell input modules contain one discrete open-collector digital output that can be used to control solid-state relays, annunciators, or perform an On/Off LO alarm function based on the scaled data values. The output can be pulled up to +30Vdc and sink up to 30mA without damage.

Use the links below to download the Datasheet, User’s Manual, Programming Supplement or the Scaling Overview.

Download Datasheet

Download Full Scaling Overview

Download Programming Supplement

Download Manual

The D2500 programmable bridge input modules can be mounted on a DIN-rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3.6 × 2.45 × 1.1 in

• Ranges: 30mV, 60mV, 1-6Vdc.
• Accuracy: +/-0.05% of F.S. max.
• Resolution: 10uV (mV spans), 0.02% of F.S. on V span.
• Common mode rejection: 100db at 50/60 Hz.
• Excitation voltage: 5V, 8V, 10Vdc @ 60mA max.
• Input burnout protection to 30Vdc.
• Offset Control: Full input range.
• Zero drift: +/-1uV/deg C max.
• Span tempco: +/-50ppm/deg C max.
• One digital output (or LO alarm).


RS-232 Only, RS-485 Only

Additional Features

Digital Outputs

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