LCF-2330 Inclinometer with 4-20mA Output

LCF-2330 Inclinometer With 4-20mA Output

The LCF-2330 inclinometer series now includes a 4-20mA output signal option for applications that require long cable runs. This dual-axis tilt sensor is fluid damped to minimize noise and vibration interference while also offering a sharp 1 µradian resolution. An internal temperature sensor is an available and dual supply, ±5 Vdc output is an option.

The LCF-2330 is an excellent solution for rugged applications such as radar & antenna leveling, weapons platform leveling, barge, and offshore platform control, deviation surveys, 2-axis machine tool leveling, bridge structural monitoring, submersible control feedback, offshore platform stability, and manufacturing process equipment for the aerospace industry.

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