Jewell Instruments Extends Its Representation to Germany

Jewell Instruments Extends Its Representation To Germany

ALTHEN, a German-based manufacturers’ representative, will now be carrying the sensors and controls products of Jewell Instruments throughout central Europe. The company was signed in late October and will pick up the force-balanced, MEMS, and electrolytic sensor lines.

ALTHEN’s office is located in Kelkheim, outside of Frankfurt and its sales region covers all of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It has been in operation since 1978 and includes a deep lineup of sales representatives with strong technical expertise.

In addition to Jewell products, ALTHEN’s repertoire includes a broad variety of sensors and transducers that measure pressure, force, position, vibration, acceleration, and inclination.

This partnership will open up a great opportunity for Jewell to tap into a large and promising market that includes many industrial, instrumentation, and OEM applications.

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