Digital MEMS Inclinometer with Full Temperature Compensation

Digital MEMS Inclinometer With Full Temperature Compensation

Introducing the JDI-100/200 inclinometer series, the latest addition to Jewell Instruments’ group of MEMS sensors. Made in-house, this ruggedized inclinometer includes digital output and full temperature compensation across all measuring ranges which enables the unit to perform to 0.005° accuracy.

The JDI-100/200 series utilizes MEMS technology to measure tilt in either single (JDI-100) or dual-axis (JDI-200). ±1°, ±3°, ±14.5°, ±30°, and ±60° are the standard measuring ranges with a 0.0001° digital resolution and RS-485 interface output. It is also RoHS compliant to satisfy environmental standards.

With a lightweight aluminum enclosure and an IP67 seal, the JDI can serve a diverse number of OEM and industrial applications. It can be used for industrial automation and control, construction and agricultural equipment, solar tracking, mobile cranes, platform leveling and positioning, mobile radar equipment, bridge monitoring, and more.

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