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Why Choose a Wired Connection for Your Sensor?

When you’re trying to measure important movement in your project, you can’t afford to have the connection break down. You can connect your sensors using pin terminals and connectors, but if you’re looking for a durable yet cost-effective connection, consider a wired connection. Benefits of Wired Sensors Wired connections add advantages to your tilt or motion…

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How Inclinometers Keep High Speed Trains Upright

High-speed trains connect millions of people to far destinations with convenience and efficiency. Even though it may feel like the train is constantly traveling in a straight line, it isn’t. With precise technology, high-speed trains can take necessary turns without reducing speed, throwing passengers around, or tipping over. What happens as a train turns? When…

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Should Your Sensor Have a Connector or Pin Terminals?

Connectors and pin terminals are common and dependable connections that relay your readings from within the sensor to the screen in front of you. These two options each have advantages and limitations and deciding which is better for your application depends on some factors. Connector Benefits A connector is the better option when you need…

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