A&M 4951 Switchboard Ruggedized Series

The A&M Model 4951 power factor meters are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-M-19261 and MIL-M-16034. They are supplied as either self-contained or as a “matched-set” with the external transducer. In the external transducer configuration, the transducer is matched to the meter. Both configurations are sealed watertight.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1.625 × 1.750 × 1.750 in
Available Inputs

• DC and AC Rectified inputs
• DC: uA, mA, A, V
• AC: A, V
• Plus custom-designed inputs and scales

Performance Specifications

ConfigurationMeter with matched external transducerSelf-contained
Potential InputVoltage: 85-135VAC Single Phase
Burden: 5VA
Overload: 150VAC Max.
Current InputCurrent: 0.001 to 5AAC Single Phase
Burden: 1VAC
Overload: 15AAC Max.
Accuracy±0.025 @ 0.5 PF
±0.007 @ 1.0 PF
Frequency60 Hz (Shorted frequency terminals - as shipped)
50 Hz (Open frequency terminals)
TemperatureOperating: -20° to +65° C
Storage: -65° to +100° C
Dielectric Test1500 VRMS
Transducer Input-0.5 mADC to +0.5 mADC (Transducer matched to meter)



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