Model 900 Biaxial Clinometer

The dual-axis Model 900 is an inexpensive, gravity-referenced clinometer with analog voltage output and compact dimensions. Sold without a housing, its small size and performance make it an excellent choice for many OEM, test, and measurement applications. It is available in high-gain, standard, and wide-angle versions, each with a different angular range. Model 900 accepts a wide input voltage range and provides high-level single-ended outputs that are easily measured with any voltmeter or digital recording system. Viscous damping and temperature measurement are available as options.



Additional Information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .64 in

Performance Specifications

Angular Range (°)±10±25±50
Resolution (°)10.0050.010.02
Repeatability (°)
Scale Factor (°/V)241025
Non-linearity (%)312.57
Output Voltage (V)±2.5 or 0-5
ChannelsX-tilt, Y-tilt, Temperature
Kz Coefficient (°/C, typical)10-20 arcsec
Ks Coefficient (%/C, typical)0.03
Time Constant (seconds)0.15
Natural Frequency (Hz)10
Power±2.5 Output: +8 to +24VDC
0-5 Output: +10.5 to +26.5 VDC
7mA, 250mV ripple max, reverse polarity protected
Environmental-40°C to +85°C operating and storage
0-90% humidity
MaterialsGlass electrolytic sensor, fiberglass PCB

1: Resolution calculated at 1mV
2: Linear scale factor calculated from BFSL through a calibration curve
3: Linearity calculated as max % deviation from BFSL. 0.05% linearity achievable using a polynomial

*Specifications subject to change without notice on account of continued development.


Outline Drawing

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