D3100M Modbus Voltage Output Modules


The D3100M series voltage output modules contain an isolated 12-bit digital to analog converter that is scaled to generate DC voltages commonly used in the process control, production test and motion control industries. Six different voltage output ranges are available.

The 12-bit digital to analog converter is controlled using either the Modbus RTU or DGH ASCII serial protocol.  The Modbus RTU protocol is enabled or disabled by commands and the module supports standard Modbus RTU read and write functions. The commands are received through either an RS-232 or RS-485 serial port.

The D3100M includes three discrete digital inputs that can accept direct contact closures from switches or relays.  Making them ideal for monitoring On/Off signals like cabinet door status or manually controlling the analog output signal at a remote module location.

The D3100M series voltage output module advanced features include a user-selectable voltage output slew rate and a communications watchdog timer. The communications watchdog timer can be used to set the voltage output to a “safe” level in the event of a communications loss.

The D3100M series voltage output modules are a cost-effective solution for simple step function control applications. The voltage signals can be used to control annunciators, actuators or other hardware that requires a control input signal.

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The D3100M Modbus voltage output modules can be mounted on a DIN-Rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.

Additional Information

Dimensions 3.6 × 2.45 × 1.1 in

• Voltage Outputs: +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V.
• Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale range max.
• 12-bit output resolution.
• 1000 conversions per second.
• Settling time: 300uS typical (1 mS max.).
• Span tempco: +/-50ppm/degree C max.
• Voltage output drive: 5mA max.
• Three digital inputs.
• Modbus RTU Serial Protocol.
• DGH ASCII Protocol.
• Communications Watchdog Timer.


RS-232 Only, RS-485 Only

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