Modutec MD & ME Series Edgewise Panel Meters


Useful space-saving meters in two sizes, interchangeable with many costly d’Arsonval meters or moving magnet meters from other sources. All sizes feature flush-to-panel covers without the bulge that disfigures many edgewise meters. A low-cost option provides internal illumination through a translucent dial – sophisticated lighting unusual in any economy meter, let alone an edgewise type.

Additional information

• Mount flush or surface without modification.
• Precision-molded covers and cases.
• Accuracy 5% of full scale.
• High torque, powerful ballistic movements permit mounting in steel panels without special calibration.
• Beautiful styling with subtle translucent lighting available in rectangular and square models.
• Production-engineered quick mounting and electrical connections

How to Order

Please refer to the MD & ME Catalog in the Downloads section of this page. Mention any options you would like to add to your meter.

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