D7400 Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Analog Input Module


The D7400 analog input module contains seven differential inputs for measuring DC voltages, current signals such as 4-20mA and thermocouple temperature sensors. Each input channel can be configured to measure one of six voltage ranges, eight thermocouple types or a current input such as 4-20mA. Making this module ideal for measure multiple types of sensors with one device.

The module performs all signal conditioning, cold junction compensation for thermocouples, a 16-bit analog to digital conversion, linearization and stores the result in a 16-bit unsigned integer format. The unsigned integer data values represent a percentage of the full scale input range.

The data values are transmitted to any supervisory host computer that supports the Modbus RTU serial protocol.  See the links to a Modbus scaling example and product documentation below.

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The D7400 analog input module can be mounted on a DIN-Rail using the MK-1 mounting kit.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 7.14 × 4 × 1.5 in
Voltage Ranges

+/-25mV, +/-50mV, +/-100mV, +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V

Current Range


Thermocouple Types

J, K, T, E, R, S, B and C


• 7CH Differential Volt, TC, Current Input Module.
• User-selectable analog input range per channel.
• RJ-45 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface.
• Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Protocol.
• IP Address, Static or DHCP (Default).
• 500Vrms Analog Input Isolation.
• 16-bit analog input measurement resolution.
• Continuous self-calibration
• Programmable analog input digital filters.
• Requires +10V to +30Vdc unregulated supply, 1.4W.
• Removable screw terminal plug connectors.
• CE marked.


The D7400 series analog input modules are compatible with all commercial software programs and OPC servers that support the Modbus TCP/IP ethernet protocol. Commercials software programs from Wonderware, DreamReport, Indusoft, DAQFactory and Dasylab all support the Modbus TCP/IP ethernet protocol. OPC Servers from Kepware and MatrikonOPC support the Modbus TCP/IP ethernet protocol.


• Process monitoring and control
• Remote data logging to any host computer
• Product testing

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